Monday, 6 April 2015

E is for Ego — a letter requesting return to work

Dear Ego

We trust that this letter finds you with your strength restored after such an extended leave of absence —sufficiently restored that you are ready to return to service.

We want you to know that we understand how, over the past few years, you came to feel that your value was being eroded. And yes, it is true that the space you occupied was greatly diminished by aging. Back when body was in its prime, humility and self-awareness rarely held much sway. Body attracted attention that you clearly enjoyed, mental capacity was at her peak and it would be fair to say that you relished having such a firm grasp of the steering wheel.

Nobody can recall exactly when or how your grip came to be wrested from the controls, but you can be certain that we have come to regret it. Somehow, you not only lost your voice in our discussions about the directions to be taken, you climbed into the backseat, and from there, were eventually lost to us. Well, dear Ego, we miss you.

More than that, we need you. Please come back. We are all too willing to work towards having a healthy relationship. Without you, things are a little wobbly: we are unable to maintain proper balance.

Yours most truly,

Confidence & Sense-of-self 

And as an Aussie who was a teen in Melbourne in the 70s, there can only be this as the song of the dayEgo is Not a Dirty Word, Skyhooks, live in 1976... (RIP Shirl...)

 Question of the day: Should ego return to work or are the other two better off without her?



  1. Ego is definitely not a dirty word. Nearly 40 years later I finally understand that song.
    Such wise words, Wendy, and very close to home for me..

  2. I love this. I think my confidence could have written this letter. Tomorrow I am moving back into the front seat!

  3. Nothing wrong with a healthy ego, as long as it doesn't get too big for its boots!

  4. I think the other two need ego to come and support them. It is time for it to return.

  5. "E"njoyed your post! Visiting from A to Z

  6. This is your friendly minion, helping out with the AtoZ #Challenge. Your posts represent a lot of work to get ready. Hope you are making new blogging me.

  7. Today must be YouTube day on the A to Z challenge. I have had so much fun listening to music, mostly from the 70's and 80's. They don't write them like that anymore. :) I enjoy your posts so much, Wendy! Ego should definitely rejoin the rest of the crew, but maybe not in the driver's seat. :)

  8. Very meta :) I like it. A little bit of ego is good in everyone, prevents you from playing door mat to other people...

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