Monday, 8 May 2017

A to Z ..End of challenge reflection

It was my friend Sheryl's fault that I did the A to Z challenge this year. Obviously, the theme was all my doing, but I don't think it would have even occurred to me to participate if not for Sheryl's random comment. 
So thanks and blame both go to Sheryl.

A great many of the bloggers who participate in the challenge are hardcore professional-type bloggers. They use the challenge as an opportunity to build their business profile, to sell something. Others use it as a way to develop or advertise their self-publishing projects. 
None of that interests me.
It probably should, but it doesn't.

When I write, I am better able to deal with my depression. 
And when I write regularly, I write better. 

My theme focussed on things weird, bizarre and off-centre, but participating in the challenge helped me feel more connected, less adrift in a sea of strange. 

Some of the people I care most about don't bother to read my blog. 
Some look at it occasionally and tell me they only like the funny ones. 
This month, I heard from a couple that they weren't interested in my posts because my theme was too gruesome and (despite my research) the posts were a bit boring.
Fair enough.

But some complete strangers stumbled upon Wendy Off The Rock and responded in kind to my humour and my sense of the absurd. 
They made me laugh. 
I looked forward to their witty and thoughtful responses. Thank you:

Arti Leanne

Mind you, a few of the comments others left made it pretty clear they hadn't read my post at all (too many words?). They just looked at the pictures and left a note with a link to their blog for me to reciprocate the visit. 
Which I did. 
I visited 5-10 other blogs most days during the challenge. 
I learned some new things. 
And was prompted to introspection by a great many self-help suggestions. 
But not much made me laugh. 

I also found that the way we posted this year (without a Linky List) meant that the different global time-zones of participants were way more obvious, and it was more difficult to pop back to other blogs for a second visit. I don't necessarily want to sign up to receive regular posts from ALL the other blogs I visited.
I'm a picky bitch.

Anyway, I achieved my aims for the April Challenge.
I wrote regularly, which stimulated my creative bits.
You rewarded me by stopping by and listening.
You kept me connected.
And grounded.
I sometimes felt a bit hamstrung by my choice of theme.
But I got over myself.
And I giggled a lot.
Thank you.