Friday, 10 April 2015

i is for irritatingly irksome — a condolence letter

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Dear Itsy-Bitsy/ Incy-Wincy/ Ipsy-Wipsy Spider

We truly hope you will accept our sincere condolences and deepest sympathy at the irritatingly irksome existence that countless generations of parents and children have foist upon you. 

Firstly there is the belittling matter of your name. Indeed, we confess to being utterly unsure how best to address you and sincerely hope that we have caused no offence, for indeed our choice may be completely errant and your preferred spelling is perhaps Eensy-Weensy, or even Eency-Weency. It must be maddening to have to respond to so many variations of nomenclature. You must feel it as a sleight to your identity. So, we hope you gain some solace from knowing that someone else acknowledges your irksome position.

Secondly, and most importantly, we want to offer our commiserations for the irritatingly incessant cycle of climbing and then being sluiced down the spout to which you are condemned. You must hate that friggin' rain. Please believe that we know exactly how you feel, for we are doomed to spend all eternity going round and round. 
Yours in misery, 
The Wheels on the Bus

Song of the Day: Set to a whimsical clip I love (filmed in Melbourne): It's Beautiful by Spiderbait (2013)

Question of the Day: Just how many times CAN one rejoice in the fact that the wheels on the bus go around and around?


  1. I'm was over the wheels on the bus by the time I finished with them at the end of kindergarten. I did not regain enthusiasm for them when confronted with them again on Milo's behalf when he was at 3 yo and then 4 yo kinder. In fact, in an act of pure selfish parental meanness I stopped him singing it altogether and banned Wiggles in case it popped up there, allowing him instead to sing other stuff (anything), ask anything (endlessly) and particularly to make up songs himself. So yeah. I rejoiced about twice.

    1. Me too... the wheel on the bus grind me down down down

  2. you are just too clever. I love this - and eensy weensy spider is one of my go-to primary songs....wheels on the bus? not so much.

  3. That was really funny Wendy! Poor little itsy-bitsy spider :-)

    1. ... not very intellectual but hopefully still entertaining.