Saturday, 15 November 2014

I wish I could sing

Miss 14 and I went to a Katy Perry concert last night, a stadium show. Huge. Around 15,000 people. And she has sold out eight shows. What a spectacle. Imagine a massively amplified Alice in Wonderland married Cirque du Soleil and gave birth to some irresistible songs. Awesome.

I have deep reverence for great performers, especially singers. Deep reverence and total envy. I wish I could sing. Not just carry a tune, I can do that all right. No, I mean I wish I had the sort of voice that other people actually want to listen to, that others enjoy. I wish I could disappear into a song and take my listeners with me. I wish I could fill a stadium or a theatre with a voice that teleports an audience to another time or to an alternate universe where the only thing that matters is the song.

That moment in a concert when the vocalist stops to let the crowd continue for her never fails to exhilarate me. All those people knew Firework. And we were all delighted to demonstrate it. How must that feel? To know that all those people adore and respect your work. All those people have been touched by your music, by your voice. Is it humbling or inspiring? Or both.

A passion for music has always been an integral part of who I am. I’ve never been able to fight the compulsion to sing. But I’m not a sing for. I’m a sing along.   
I wish I was a sing for. 
Like Katy.


  1. You are a write for, though, and many people aspire to be that.

    1. Aww shucks... Thnx The... I wish!

    2. Yes, Vinyl Edition said it best. And also, be a sing for for yourself. That counts!