Thursday, 13 November 2014

...don't keep me hanging on the telephone

This may be a confession that puts me in the category of people who drive you crazy, but I don’t always answer my phone. There. I admitted it. Sometimes I let it go right on ringing until the message system kicks in, and sometimes I just push the little button so the damn thing shuts up. Yes. I’m a non-answerer.

It drives my kids crazy — not me failing to answer their calls, I always answer if it’s one of them. No, they’re utterly mystified that I am not completely consumed with curiosity about who and what and why my phone is ringing. They just look at me. Incredulous.

‘Say what?’ their expressions scream at me. ‘ Seriously, Mum? Really? Do you actually think you have enough BFFs to risk pissing one off by not jumping to their call?”

Hmwmph…  They’re right. I don’t have a great many friends, but if the ones I do have really truly desperately want to tell me something important, they’ll leave a message. Or call back. Or send a text. Or an email.

Sometimes my non-answering is because I’m otherwise occupied with simultaneously preparing dinner, helping with homework, singing to my fave song of the moment and having a glass of wine (I always cook better with a glass or wine… or two… I sing better too.) At other times, it’s because I’m happily ensconced in a mind-numbing trash tv session, and finding out which Dance Mom is going to get the Botox kicked out of her has top priority.

But it’s not always because I cannot stop whatever it is I’m doing and chat to whoever it may be. Occasionally, I just don’t feel like talking.

I don’t always feel like pretending I’m happy to hear from someone. It may be that I’d really rather be left alone. And trust me. Trying to have a conversation with a cranky me is not going to brighten anyone’s day. It’s kind of a safety issue, really.

Text me. Email me. I’ll never ignore you then. Even if Abby Lee Miller is giving Cathy wet-willies with a perfectly varnished acrylic talon. Written words will always get my attention. Almost immediately. But voice calls just don’t have the same propinquity. 
Not for me anyway.


  1. I hear you. And by that I mean, I always answer. I often groan when it rings. I scowl. I curse. I grimace. I can even be seen flailing (I think that's because of the Hellenic ethnicity). And then I see who it is and (most of the time) I answer. Most of the time (again) I feel better for it. I think it's because I'm afraid I'll forget to phone back.

  2. I don't always answer my phone either. In fact a lot of the time I don't, for some of the same reasons you mentioned and sometimes I'm just not up to it. I've decided I'm doing the caller a favor by NOT answering because I'm sparing them my bitchiness, my melancholia, or another rant about __ (fill in whatever is pissing me off at that moment)__. :D

  3. I totally could have written this....I read recently that this one of the signs of being an introvert. So, I say, HELL YA!
    Isn't that why God invented answering machines? or texting?