Friday, 24 April 2015

U is for Universe — An official notification

Dear Universe,
I know we’re in contact every day, but somehow I felt that I needed to put this in writing to make it more formal. This is important, and you know how much I like things to be set in stone.

Can you believe what a mess people have made? They’ve only existed for a millisecond and already they have managed to clag up their planet with garbage and excess. They poisoned the air and waters but have the audacity to act surprised when the fish are chockfull of mercury. Some days it’s almost impossible to see them through the haze and muck, yet they whinge that their weather patterns seem to be changing. And I simply cannot believe they took that line about ‘salt of the earth’ so far out of context that now they’ve created huge tracts of infertile ground. I expected by now that they’d know how to feed themselves.

Are they working out how to reverse their folly and put their planet back to rights?  Not really. Yet they’re still in love with the idea of finding out what’s beyond it, shoving aside their space junk searching for another world. One is not enough.

Frankly, I’m sick of their bickering and selfishness. They’ve found ways to make each other miserable from the word go; some even claim that I approve of their obscene cruelty. To be brutally honest, I’m over it. Tired.  It’s been a good long while since that day of rest and I need a break.

Therefore, this letter is to notify you that I’m going to take a vacation: somewhere peaceful, without the constant clamour. I’ll know if anyone really needs me, but if I don’t get some time away from all the shouting fools, I fear I may reach the point of no return.  

So for a while, please keep turning without me,

 Song of the Day: Well I Wonder, The Smiths 1984

 Question of the Day: Too much?




  1. Can't say I blame you, really. From what i see around me though, it is quite clear that the omnipotence thing isn't working too well down here. Either that, or people are cloaking themselves in your name (and that other guy's name) to spread poison.

  2. It seems that us mere mortals think we know better, and it isn't until we have buggered everything up, do we realise that actually we don't!

  3. I hope God enjoys the holiday - but doesn't give up on us entirely. We clearly need him/her.

  4. What a wonderfully creative theme for the A to Z blog challenge. Glad I found you on the list!


    1. thnx, Susan... I'm glad you found me too... I love it when new pvisitors comment... sort of justifies my existence in a small tragic way :-)

  5. Love the song! A good choice.

  6. I was a Smiths tragic back in the day... even travelled from Australia to Manchester to see them perform in their natural habitat. And thanks for listening... i've wondered whether it was a good idea to include them because there are so many blogs in this challenge for people to navigate... Maybe I should have put the song first so you can listen and read at the same time? What do you think?