Thursday, 23 April 2015

T is for Teens — a letter of advice

You guys,

I don’t wanna  like go all emo on you, but really? I mean, seriously, I’m one-hundred percent not even joking when I say you need to get a grip. 

You, like literally kill me thinking you’re all that and then some with your acronyms and your full-on accusations that me and my peeps is epic fail.  As if. That’s just busted. Teens been hatin’ on old dudes forevs.  And OMG you gotta be cray cray  if you think your so-totally-last-minute sayings are gonna ever hang with such bitchen dudes as  groovy, cool, ace and man in the Slang Hall of Fame. You gotta be trippin’ dudes. Old school rocks. Bam.

As for fashion? Well, I’m not gonna get up in your grill about that. I was a teen in the 70s. My bad. But you gotta totally be kidding about the whole Larry Lowpants look.

And hey, I sorta get the deal with selfies, coz the entire universe-type-thing literally revolves around youse all. Natch. But guys, YOLO. No. Seriously. You really do OLO. There’s a lot to be said for looking directly at things…like with your actual eyes. K?

Technology and change #sweet  We live in amazing times. But pah-leeezz — try not to be all like uh-huh so what's next? You're getting so sucked in by the FoMo  that you really are Mo. You're killing me. Literally. Dead. #WTF#wakeup#smelltheroses

So I guess that's it from me. Except that I need you to know that I really truly love you. BAE
ps #tidy your room

Song of the Day: I was going to go with Hip to be Square but I kept getting American Psycho flashbacks, so instead of that let's get down and funky and go clean out of sight with Stevie — Uptight (1965)

Question of the Day: So what do you think? ...Anyone? ...Anyone? Bueller? ...Bueller?


  1. I LITERALLY snorted when I read that badge!!!

    And, OH MY GOODNESS, that Mona Lisa selfie! *bwwwwwhhahaah*

    You're killing me (and not softly)!!!

    I keep selecting my favorite post and then you keep topping it.

    You TOTALLY rock!

    PS I am not a robot ... and these tests ... oh the stress! Lol.

  2. Thanks for commenting, I love those 2 images too. Been saving them up for the right post. Glad they tickled your fancy. Lauren is HORRIFIED by this post...
    And I thought I'd turned off the robot test... technotrog strikes again.

  3. Great post. Thankfully I've survived the teen years with mine. There's still angst but a different angst and at least we can have understandable conversations and not have to hire a translator! lol

  4. So maybe I had to surreptitiously run to the adjoining tab and google some words, but hey, nothing like learning new vocabs. Yep. I was a teen in the 70s too and I thought I rocked. Def no Larry lowpants. In fact, some guys went so far as to get confused between their waistline and chest. SO high were their pants. Hmm. With flares at the bottom. :D That Mona Lisa totally cracked me up!

  5. Ha Ha! Oh this is just great! You are such a cool mum with your street talk! I might have to get some of it translated as I am far too square to know what it all means! This has cheered me up no end.

  6. so, like, that is so, like totally cool. imho lol ttyl

  7. I'm so uncool I had to look up "FOMO" online. Never mind teenagers, I don't even understand what my 26 year old niece is saying half the time. From where I'm standing you're like an anthropologist describing an alien culture. #Getoffmylawn

    1. LOL
      You know what I'd really like to see is a resurgence of snailmail SWALK

  8. Everything those YOLO rockin' mommas said ...
    ...and OMG coz Milo says BAM all the time and "like" and he's only 8 and he doesn't even watch tv or listen to the music. I still have him saying Heavens to Murgatroyd will probably get him bashed, but at least in the main we still understand one another for now. I am a little afraid.

    1. BAM just doesn't have the same music as Heavens to Murgatroyd... you hang in there with the oldschool lingo. It roiks.

  9. Thankfully, both of ours were/are more like us than their friends. So, I never have had to put up with too much of these things to contend with,
    But it was a cute post, none the less!
    Visit me at: Life & Faith in Caneyhead
    I am Ensign B of Tremps' Troops
    with the A to Z Challenge

  10. I'm getting a lot of 'LOL' here at our house, in spoken form, not written. And lots of spoken OMG, WTF. Hmmm. Better than BAE.
    Great post. You funkster, you.

    1. BAE is tragic, isn't it...
      Lauren says Oh-Me-gawd all the time. I quite like it.
      Andbetter WTF than the full version I guess...

  11. Replies
    1. It was a fun post to write... and I'm not even kidding...