Saturday, 4 February 2017

Making light of it all...

Short days and dull skies. Lack of light. 
I feared that central London life would cloud my spirit in damp grey, begrime my thoughts, stir the black dog into mindless circling in the fog. 
I thought I’d ache for golden sun. 

I needn’t have. Our little attic cave has none of that.

What it DOES have, is so many goddamned  sources of artificial light that I swear the lux levels are leaking through my eyelids and infiltrating my dreams. 

The smoke detectors have blinking green lights.

The security panel has a glowing red light.

And in what can only be considered every disco-divas dream, the stair lights change colours. I shit you not.

I boogie my flat arse up and down to those babies most every night and I'm here to tell you they don't stop till I've had enough.

Magic motion-activated LED strips illuminate the wardrobe as the doors open. Ever so convenient and niftily, they also turn themselves off after a wee-while if the dressee has neglected to close said wardrobe.

Slight hiccup with that the other night though. 
I don't know about you, but I favour the internal thermostat control method employed by 99.9% of menopausal women at night and stick one foot out from beneath the covers whenever I  need to cool down.

Yep. The bedroom, which, I might add, has four downlights and two wall-sconces all operated by two-way switches both at the doorway and beside the bed... not MY side of the bed mind you...HIS side of the bed... but anyway, the bedroom is so small that my preferred method of heat-relief caused a spontaneous party in the wardrobe. 
HE was not amused.
But to be fair, I think it was probably my giggling that pissed him off.  

The bathroom mirror boasts a touch-operated wrinkle-enhancing frame, able to be switched from startling white-light apparently designed to reveal every sun-spot and enlarged pore, to a gentle soft glow, just low enough to fool a 58-year-old woman into thinking she's done a pretty good job of concealing every sun-spot and enlarged pore with her deftly applied tinted moisturiser.

Possibly because the it's both windowless and about the same size as the wardrobe, the bathroom also has a motion-activated light. Meaning, of course, that if one needs to have anything more than a quick whizz, one will soon find oneself pants-down in the dark, at which point it becomes necessary to flail one's arms about in a most unlady-like manner to remedy the situation.

Lack of light is most certainly not a problem up here in the attic cave.
Up here, where The Bee Gees live on.


  1. I love it when someone tells it exactly like it is and you can totally picture the scenario and giggle along too! What's weird though is that your blog still seems to think you are on Australian time - it's saying this was posted tomorrow. Or have all those lighting gizmos sorted out time travel too? lol

  2. I'm glad i made you giggle. Thanks. As to the time reading, maybe my blog is still in denial.

  3. Thanks Wendy. I laughed my way through this! We have many sensor lights here, some good, and some ridiculous. That arm flailing dance is very familiar to me.

    1. Of course... I forgot you were a lighting goddess... you'll have to teach me a few moves

  4. Ha! It sounds great fun playing with the light sensors. I am so happy you are enjoying being here in the UK xx

  5. Thanks, Judy. It is all still a novelty, but I have settled in more quickly than I though I might.