Tuesday, 6 January 2015

What about 2015?

I don’t really need an excuse to sit in front of an old movie — or a new one for that matter. By simultaneously indulging in a little arts and craft of some kind, I dupe myself into believing I’m actually doing something productive while I while away a few hours of any day—I can be so gullible when it comes to enjoying sedentary pursuits. One of my genie wishes would surely be that multitasking in front of the TV was number one on the list of 10 Ways for to Burn Calories without Even Trying. 

On especially hideously hot scorchers, and 2015 began with a couple of days like that, movie-watching becomes a given. Naturally enough, knitting is off the accompanying activity list, so too is ironing. Blissfully and utterly off the list. And guilt-free too —which is a total bonus because even the most miserably lame of excuses is a good reason for me not ironing… even on a cold day.  But when it’s stinking hot outside, sometimes I don’t feel the need to even pretend to be productive. Just breathing is enough heat-generating activity. 

So as an integral part of Day 1 of 2015, I plonked myself down with an icy Coke–Zero  …Yes, I know, it has absolutely no nutritional value but it has no calories either, and I reckon it tastes better than water. And hey, it wasn’t a glass of wine so cut me some slack already. And yes, I know “they say” that the artificial bumph in diet drinks can hasten the onset of dementia, but I already have a post-menopausal-black-hole where my memory used to be so I wish “they” would all just shut-up and let me enjoy my chemical cola drink. 

Plonked beside me and my memory-sucking calorie-free beverage was Miss 14. Educating my children in the classics is something I have always taken very seriously. I’m immensely proud to say that last year when we visited Madame Tussaud’s in London, it wasn’t Angelina that Girlchild wanted to be photographed with, it was Audrey. 

We’d already recently re-watched many of the greats that our movie channels were offering: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, School of Rock, Pretty in Pink, An Officer and a Gentleman, Roman Holiday… so I opted for the timeless joy that is the Frank Oz masterpiece What about Bob?  
 Absolutely perfect New Year’s Day fodder. In fact, SO perfect that as of 1 January 2015 I have declared that What about Bob? is to New Year's Day what Love Actually is to Christmas. And here's why.

1: When it comes to making New Year Resolutions, Bob Wiley and his new bestie  Dr Leo Marvin have the very best of advice to offer: Bob begins with his regular mantra, "I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful...".
Then, with help, learns that almost anything is achievable if you break it down into Baby Steps. 

No nebulous namby-pamby goals or fantastic wannabe wishes are going to come to fruition. Huge resolutions lead to mega-fails. There are too many other uncontrollable factors and loonies out there. So as far as New Year Resolutions go, for me it's baby steps all the way. 


2: Bob and Siggy remind me to have the courage to try new things and take some calculated risks...



Especially with the support of friends.

3: In 2015 and every year hereafter, I'm going to employ Bob's approach to social anxiety:  “You know, I treat people, as if they were telephones. If I meet somebody I think doesn't like me, I say to myself, I say; 'Bob, this one is temporarily out of order.' You know, don't break the connection, just hang up and try again!”

4: I don't care what day it is, this scene always makes me laugh and to my absolute delight, it was Miss 14's favourite too and thus will henceforth remain a part of our 
stock repartee:

5: Anyone and everyone who lives in a holiday town over the summer season can totally relate to Bob's t-shirt. 

(Note to self: have a few thousand printed to sell during November.)

So from Bob and me, here's to a hassle free 2015... 


  1. I applaud all of your movie choices but don't know the one about Bob. So that is on my list of things to watch while I sit and knit and the temperature outside is freezing.
    Check out Say Anything with John Cusack - one of my absolute favourite movies ever.

    1. BIG fan of John Cusack... all the Cusack's actually...haven't seen that one for years... It's now on the list ! XX

  2. I agree your movie choices are brilliant, but I too haven't seen the Bob one I don't blame you for not knitting or ironing in such heat. It is, of course raining in good old England, I might have to find that movie to cheer up this dreary old day!